Happy Easter!

It seems like so many have experienced so much loss this past year. I'm grateful for this holiday that provides hope for now and forever! Happy Easter!

What I've been up to...

Last year we got the exciting, somewhat shocking, and life-changing news that we were going to be having another baby! Number FIVE! It's a number I always said I'd have, but kind of didn't really think would ever happen. Well, I guess I called my own bluff, because it was happening! As a result I decided to limit my photography business to prepare for baby and make time for my family during the holidays. It was bitter-sweet, as I hated saying no to many of my long-time clients and new opportunities for meeting people and expanding my business. But at the same time it has been very sweet to put all of my focus on my family, our little ones and the growing baby within me. It was the right choice for me. And now, after what seemed like forever and no time at all, he's here!

And I love every little tiny inch of him! Heaven must have little babies, or at least puppies or something, because snuggling something so pure and innocent and sweet is the very definition of heaven! 

I have enjoyed this time so much, but am ready to slowly get back into my business. I will be keeping it limited, just to make sure I don't stretch myself too thin...after all, I do have FIVE kids now! However, even though my photography business is, well, a business, it's also me time. Which is important! I enjoy it so much and love spending time with all of the wonderful people that trust me to capture special moments for their families and loved ones! So here's to a new year and starting back up again! =)